Html elements that built with utility-based css classes which are shipped with the template. Additional styling is not required to create these elements and they may be easily modified for custom project needs.
Call to Action
Call to actions elements with buttons, text and images that comes with the support for static and responsive sizes.
Detail content that made out of images, text, carousel and so on. They might be combined with other blocks to create pages for different layouts.
Mobile and desktop gallery elements that designed in various shapes for different layouts.
Thumbnails with different sizes and properties. Mostly created with Bootstrap utils.
Lists with and without scrollbars that contains icons, images and texts without breakpoint specific classes.
Numeral value containers for different stats with icons and various layouts.
Interface elements for timelines and steps.
Tabular Data
Tables that are created without using table markup in favour of flex divs that have breakpoint specific classes.
Thumbnail elements that fit for lots of use cases. They cover a wide range by containing icons, images, backgrounds and text.
User cards for various type of content and layout.